Real Estate Statistics for September 2019

Real Estate Statistics for September 2019
  September 2019 August 2019 September 2018
Unit Sales: 91 90 98
Average Sale Price: $569,667 $549,622 $582,115
Parksville / Qualicum      
Unit Sales: 56 62 42
Average Sale Price: $618,565 $608,200 $575,763
Nanaimo home sales decreased 7% in September 2019 when compared with September 2018. The average sale price decreased 2%. The median house price was $539,000.

Parksville/Qualicum home sales increased 33% in September 2019 when compared with September 2018. The average sale price increased 7%. The median house price was $568,500.
Synopsis for Nanaimo
In Nanaimo for September 2019 there were 373 active listings of single family freehold homes, which is 3% higher then September 2018.
The graphs below are for Nanaimo and show the average sold numbers and average sold price since 2015 (single family homes only.)


The following graph shows the % difference of the housing price index (HPI) from the same month 12 months ago. It is split into the different sub-areas and is for single family homes.

The following graph shows what is called the absorption rate. This is the time it would take the current homes for sale, to sell, if no new homes were listed, which indicates whether we have a sellers, balanced or buyers market. The rates are based on 6 and 12 months of sales data.


The following graph shows how the homes sold v homes listed v total number of active listings have changed over the previous years.

These figures do concentrate on single family homes but if you would like similar information for other property types, such as apartments or patio homes, or specific geographical areas of Nanaimo or Parksville/Qualicum, then I would be more than happy to discuss those with you as well.
As always I hope you find these monthly newsletters informative and if at any time you or any of your friends, relatives or co-workers are looking for a professional realtor to help them buy or sell a home, or just have a real estate question, please call my personal cell, 250-739-1228, or drop me an email.
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